Champion Sports LBWN36 Lacrosse Ball Bucket White

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Whether you’re training a team for the big game or giving students their first introduction to the sport a Champion Sports Lacrosse Ball Bucket is always a good investment. The ball bucket contains 36 NCAANFHS approved & SEI certified lacrosse balls so each team member can enjoy shooting and passing with a ball that is properly sized and weighted for the sport. The lacrosse balls a bright white that is easy to see both in the air and in the grass.
At Champion Sports we stand behind our products and ensure that we can foster an experience that fully aids you in reaching your desired goals. We carry over our products tailored to the team and individual athletic market fitness enthusiast physical education programs and the educational market. We value our users and ensure that our high quality products are always attractively.
FeaturesContains 36 White Lacrosse Balls
NCAA/NFHS approved
Meets NOCSAE standards
SEI certified
SpecificationsColor: White
Weight: 16 lbs


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