Cicso Independent B602B The Consumer Handbook On Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids 4th Edition

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In this one-of-a-kind book Dr. Richard Carmen has brought together the most distinguished U.S. audiologists scientists and authorities each seasoned professionals in their respective hearing specialty and some who themselves have hearing loss and wear hearing aids. What you’ll read inside is state of the art and designed to change your life!
This 2014 fully updated fourth edition contains a new chapter and full revisions from the previous 2009 edition. We are proud to continue to focus attention on technology that can help you besides hearing aids! Yes this exists is often less than $200 and can enhance your life so profoundly as to bring you from dissatisfaction to a significantly improved quality of life. This new edition focuses more sharply on the core issues of living with hearing loss. The book charts a quiet path on how to achieve life satisfaction despite less than optimal hearing. A recurrent theme of pushing through the resistance gently and sensitively comes through. You’ll understand how to align your expectations with actual hearing ability. This book is written for consumers with hearing loss and their families. It addresses the whole person not merely one aspect of the problem. [Edited by Richard E. Carmen Au.D.; (2014) Fourth Edition; soft cover]
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TopicFind out the impact of aging on hearing
Explore the volatile emotions and issues surrounding hearing loss
Listen to how experts answer 10 important questions you might ask
Discover how hearing aids can transform your life
Educate yourself on the best choice of hearing aids
Apply ground-breaking research in fitness and exercise for better hearing
Read why some people reject hearing aids but how they can work for you
Take a few minutes map your own audiogram and consider the implications


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