Fitness Technologies UWater 90315 Waterproof FM Radio

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Uwater Swim Radio is a completely – waterproof underwater companion! Get your groove on while you swim laps at the local pool… this Uwater Swim Radio locks out moisture so you can enjoy your favorite tunes sports talk or MORE while you get exercise! Perfect for anything from jogging to sauna shower or on the beach too!
This micro-sized entertaining clips securely onto a headband armband bathing suit or goggles for go-anywhere listening pleasure! State-of-the-art micro circuitry technology provides clear reception indoor and outdoors worldwide; Continuous play time 6-8 hours; Twist and lock earphones jack completes blocks out moisture while providing crucial long-term protection against corrosion and saltwater; 1 easy-to-read LCD for clear visibility in any water environment; Advanced digital PLL FM receiver: 88-108 Mhz; Precision tuning (manual or automatic); Built-in high performance (1000+ cycles) Li-ion rechargeable battery; IPX8 waterproof certification (down to 10 ft. underwater); Stainless steel backplate; Single port system for both audio and charge; Comes with high-speed USB cable for charging connection; Comes with 20 stereo headphones with 4 sets of ear tips (XL L M S); Order yours today! Uwater Swim Radio
Advanced Digital PLL FM Receiver 88 – 108 MHz
Precision Tuning (Manual or Automatic)
Full-Range Digital Volume Adjustment
19-Station Presents Easy Setting and Recall
Large Screen 1 (2.5 cm)) Highly Visible LCD


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