GoFit 15 lb. KettleBell – 1 ea.


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Melt fat with GoFit Kettlebells and Jessica Huthmaker’s Kettlebell Konnection DVD Workout – the ultimate and most versatile fitness program available! Jessica is a veteran of the fitness and sport performance industry and a RKC-Certified kettlebell instructor. Her passion for equipping and encouraging others to become their very best in physical fitness, fuels her Kettlebell training ability. Devoted to the success of every individual she works with, Jessica focuses on the remarkable combination of skill enhancement and physical reconstruction gained from the kettlebell. She believes nutrition, lifestyle and training variety are all key components in achieving high levels of health and fitness. The kettlebell is an all-encompassing tool guaranteed to deliver unmatched results. Join Jessica Huthmaker, creator of Kettlebell Konnection, and fitness veteran as she instructs you in this breakthrough DVD. Make fitness fun while you Learn the nation’s hottest workout! Break a serious sweat and exercise in half the time of traditional training, producing twice the results. Get transformed into a lean, strong, fat-burning machine. Look and feel your best as you develop functional strength to power up your heart for boundless energy and challenge your body from all angles. Includes 1 GoFit Kettlebell Kettlebell Konnection- 25-minute workout DVD Exercise Booklet


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