Teledex Inc. DF-34567 Set of 5 units of TimeCube DF-33DF-34DF-35DF-36DF-37

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The Datexx Miracle Cube Timer is the world?s simplest yet most versatile timer:
No more buttons no more switches no more dials the Miracle Cube allows you to manage your time with simplicity and in style. The four sides of the cube simply state the minutes that you would like to start timing. Merely turn it on the side needed and it will immediately start timing. When the time is up a loud unmistakable alarm will ring. Simply turn it back to its upright position to silence it. Its that easy!
This product?s unlimited versatility will amaze its users. Meetings homework test-taking power napping exercise and training- the list goes on and on!
Miracle Cube is a fun practical gift for you a friend or a loved one as an easy attractive way to manage time. Dimesnions:Length:2.38Height:2.38Width:2.38


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