Universal Map G-2304 Parachute 20 ft.

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Playing with the parachute provides exercise for the whole body for everyone! A wonderful way of developing basic physical coordination. Inspires many types of activities for groups of children or grown-ups. Made of colorful lightweight fire-resistant polyester. The parachutes have a very strong 10mm thick rope sewn into the outer edge allowing an almost unlimited number of people to play at the same time.
For Grades 3-6 and Ages 8-10. Parachute canopy is multi-colored with red blue green and yellow wedges. This is the 20 foot diameter parachute with 12 handles. To get a sense of the size of this parachute it is shown in the main photo alongside a smaller 12 diameter chute. The 2nd photo shows the detail of one of the 12 handles.


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