CAMP USA Photon Express KS Quickdraw – 11cm – silver, one size

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These draws are purpose-built for onsight climbing where every gram and every second counts. The lightweight keylocking Photon carabiners are optimized for fast action and smooth clipping. Best of all, the whole rig weighs less than 3 ounces! The Photon carabiners have been updated with a new body design that increases rigidity and strength without increasing weight. The patented SphereLock closure is an upgrade to the traditional keylock system that minimizes play between the gate and nose for enhanced safety and performance. The 16 mm polyester dogbones are equipped with the Karstop Evo carabiner retainer that prevents the rope end carabiner from shifting. Features: – A premier lightweight quickdraw for high-end sport climbing – Equipped with a straight gate keylocking Photon carabiner for bolts and bent gate keylocking Photon for the rope end – 16 mm polyester dogbones available in 11 and 18 cm lengths feature the Karstop Evo carabiner retainer on the rope end – Weight: 86 g, 3.0 oz


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