Maji Tie Dye Yoga Towel – summer, one size

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As a well-known fact, yoga practices include some hard-to-make poses and postures that raise your body temperature and subsequently cause sweating. A sweaty yoga session can be intended for weight loss, toxin removal or other physical benefits. However, this often leads to you sweating on your yoga mat, thus, the use of a microfiber yoga towel is very beneficial to prevent slipping and helping you maintain a hygienic yoga mat surface. A soft microfiber yoga towel can also be beneficial to help keep sweat off your face. Wiping the sweat with an ordinary towel that is hard on skin can cause rashes. Instead, you need a soft yoga towel for smooth wiping of sweat. Woven to perfection using high-grade microfiber yarn, these yoga towels are highly absorbent and skin friendly. Features: – 85% Polyester / 15% Polyamide – 24″x72″ – Slip Resistant & hygienic surface – A soft suede like feel on your feet – Moisture absorption and evaporation


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