Volare V2 Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit – Women’s – purple/black, s

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Volare (2) Size Chart The V2 Sleeveless wetsuit delivers unrivaled comfort, flexibility, and stylish good looks that won’t break the bank. Designed for the swimming purist who loves the feel of zero restrictions and a free range of motion. This robust yet flexible suit is also an ideal choice for those new to triathlon and for athletes who live in warmer climates. Feature packed, with a breakaway zipper for unrivaled transition speed and made entirely with Yamamoto neoprene, this suit offers class leading performance. Features: – #39 Yamamoto Grey 5mm front for increased buoyancy and flexibility – #38 Yamamoto 5mm waist and front calf to correct body position – #38 Yamamoto 3mm back for increased range of motion – 2mm neck for maximum comfort and longevity – #39 Yamamoto 3mm leg cuff to aid in fast removal – YKK Breakaway Zipper for unrivaled transition speed – Yamamoto SCS coating to reduce drag and water absorption – Speed inner liner jersey for effortless entry


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