Volare V3 Triathlon Wetsuit – Women’s – grey, l

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Volare (2) Size Chart In a sea of black neoprene, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. The stealth like V3 delivers a unique look and sets a new standard for wetsuit performance. The V3 construction is enhanced by Yamamoto’s latest Grey SCS Aerodome. Delivering increased buoyancy, while the SCS nano-coating reduces drag. One of the the most flexible triathlon wetsuits on the market, its underarm flex panels allow for an unrestricted swimming motion that has to be felt to be believed. Features: – YKK Breakaway Zipper for enhanced transition speed – 100% Yamamoto Neoprene: #40 #39 #Aerodome – SCS Nano Coating for reduced drag – Transition leg panels for faster suit removal – Flexibility: super thin shoulders and underarm swim panels – Neck to knee Aerodome for increased buoyancy, improved core support and enhanced body position. – Low neckline for great comfort and friction free swimming – Ultra thin arms feels like a second skin increasing feel for the water – Heat seal seams in the arms and legs allow for up to 6cm of length adjustment


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