Rave Sports 20859 Tempo Sup Paddle – Red

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RAVE didn’t jump on the bandwagon; we created it. If you like playing on the water, you’ll love playing on RAVE Sports water equipment. RAVE is all about providing serious fun for the whole family. Our products let you bounce, spin, slide, soar, or just meander across the water. They let kids be kids. Better yet, they let adults be kids. RAVE products are designed to delight the young or not-so-young, one or many. Focused on group entertainment, RAVE creates ways to keep your family and friends close by. For us, there’s satisfaction in the hard work it takes to produce unique products that result in such incredible family fun. We don’t just work hard at RAVE Sports, though; we play hard. We’re from Minnesota after all, land of 10,000 lakes. That’s 10,000 places to enjoy the RAVE experience. And what we love about playing on RAVE Sports water equipment is that they bring out friends and family together for hours of fun. We can relax if we want, but more often, we keep fit and have fun by playing around on our products. FeaturesThe adjustable Tempo SUP Paddle features a Carbon Fiber shaft with a sleek Fiberglass blade suitable for paddlers who are looking for more control in their stroke.
The unique hybrid construction of the Tempo Paddle provides a strong Carbon Fiber shaft for minor flex with a narrow 7.25 in. Fiberglass blade which is more durable and less likely to chip or scrape your board.
The Qwik Snap system allows for easy on the water height adjustments at 1 in. increments and provides adjustments from 69 to 84 in. tall.
Lightweight at only 1.7 lbs. (770 grams) and foam-filled so if you accidentally drop your paddle it floats. Also in a White blade.
When adjusting your paddle generally the paddle height should be 8-10 in. above the paddler’s height.
Starting with no shoes on and arm raised your paddle handle should sit in your palm.


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