Altra Escalante 1.5: Altra Men’s Running Shoes Black/Black


SKU: 938202074081658


Unlock a free, energized running experience in the Altra Escalante 1.5 running shoes. The newest edition features an even sleeker profile as well as an updated knit and internal midfoot strap for an improved fit. A more secure heel cup and the Altra Ego™ responsive cushioning makes for a better feeling during the run. Runners will love the performance of this updated model. Upper:Updated Knit Mesh upper fits to the foot with a sock-like design. The snug, performance fit provides a locked-down feel, perfect for fast movers. Updated tongue stay and heel cup provide a more secure fit. Midsole:Features Altra EGO™ with InnerFlex™ for energetic responsiveness and speed. The Zero Drop™ platform with a FootShape™ toe box allows the toes to relax and spread out naturally and the big toe to remain in a straight position for more stability and powerful toe-off to maximize running performance. Features a Natural Foot Design that promotes a more natural and comfortable connection to the ground. Outsole: Foot Pod Outsole technology maps the bones and tendons of the foot to let it flex where it naturally wants.


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