Dunlop Srixon REVO CX 2.0 Tour(18×20)LE: Dunlop Tennis Racquets


SKU: 938202108469052


The SRIXON REVO CX 2.0 Tour (18×20) is part of a racquet line jam-packed with impressive technologies geared toward pure enhancement for tennis players. Sonic Core Technology helps to facilitate more stability, in turn helping create more precise spin on the ball. A newly structured Peak Shifter Frame features a blend of cross-sectional shapes that will enhance the pop you get on the ball as well as optimizing the height and spin on your shots. Features durable Hi-Response Carbon in the shaft and throat for added control and responsiveness. HR Grommets made of HYBAR® that provides high level vibration-dampening effects. The Straight String System, where string holes and string are lined up straight, increases the hitting area for more powerful shots.


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