inov-8 F-Lite 250: Inov-8 Men’s Training Shoes Blue/Grey/Orange


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Packed with serious updates, the Inov-8 F-Lite 250 training shoe has brought its A-game to the gym so you can, too. Spawned from the original F-Lite 235, this beefed-up model is built to handle a demanding training program. There are no excuses here with an improved upper and more durable outsole that will take you from heavy lifts to rope climbs with power, speed, and efficiency. Bold and bright colors let you stand out among the crowd as you dominate each and every WOD. Upper: Toe bumper protection for body weight agility movements like burpees and box jumps. Midsole: Meta-Flex™ allows for quick movement with natural flexibility. Dynamic Fascia Band™ provides feedback from each step during running and training. Outsole: A light, yet well-pronounced Power Heel allows for security during heavy lifts and is 40% more dense than the rest of the shoe. 360-degree Rope-Tec™ provides superior traction along slippery surfaces and during rope climbs to ensure stability and shoe durability.


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