Nathan Training Log Plus+: Nathan Running Logs


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The best selling training log in the industry! When used properly, this training log is both motivating and diagnostic. Use it to help plan race preparation or just to reach your own personal goals. Record and chart your running times, distances, body weight, pulse, etc. Includes expert running advice from Bill Rogers, Grete Waitz, Frank Shorter and Jeff Galloway. Includes expert stretching advice from Bob Anderson. Includes details on how to prevent injuries, run a faster 10K, and increase your times and distances safely. Non-dated so you can begin your year at any time and use for 52 weeks (365 days!). Additional charts include: Speedwork chart. Record of races. Achievement chart – Distance per week. Achievement chart – Cumulative distance. Predicting race performance chart. Race pace chart. Approximately 8 x 5.5 x ¼


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