On Cloudflyer: On Running Women’s Running Shoes Storm/White


SKU: 938202074045727


All-new ON Cloudflyer running shoes bring extra cushioning and stability to your runs. The Swiss engineering of these shoes helps release you from the weight of heavy and rigid soles thanks to the 12 precisely-positioned clouds. Run with much more efficiency and comfort with natural transitions, soft landings and explosive take-offs. Upper: Heel strap cage ensures a snug and secure fit. Star Lacing over a plush tongue offers long distance comfort. Liner mesh is made out of 100% knitted antimicrobial material. No-sew construction provides seamless comfort. Midsole: Curved rocker midsole supports the foots natural rolling motion. Cloudflyer Speedboard is directly attached to the outsole and combines an ergonomic design with optimum lightness for improved stability. Outsole: Wider CloudTec® platform ensures stability and a firm stance. Clouds built from lightweight Zero-Gravity foam provides supreme cushioning.


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