Oncourt Offcourt MultiNet 18′: Oncourt Offcourt Tennis Training Aids


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The Oncourt Offcourt MultiNet 18 has the ability to serve multi-functions with its adjustable height that makes it perfect for a 36-foot tennis court and regulation Badminton. This versatile net is also exceptionally durable with a tube-protected bungee that prevents fraying and other breaking. A lightweight frame and multi-section zippered bag make getting this net to and from a location a lot faster and easier. The Adapter Kit conveniently converts the 18-foot MultiNet to the smaller 9-foot MultiNet Mini. The kit includes the 3-foot middle adapter that reduces the 18-foot MultiNet to the 9-foot MultiNet Mini, a 9-foot net, and a 9-foot Airzone band to raise the height of the net for effective visual training. The MultiNet Mini is perfect for driveway or backyard use (tennis or badminton). Features a built-in scoring system. A built-in Airzone helps develop spin and arc. Built with telescoping poles. MultiNet 18′ Assembly Instructions Note: Larger items like court equipment, and tennis ball machines (often made to order) may not be stocked in our Baltimore warehouse. These items are carefully packaged and shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please give us a call if you wish to pick this item up from our store so we can check availability and prepare your order.


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