110% Double-Life Shin/Calf Sleeves: 110% Sports Medicine


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Target both calves and shins with compression before and during training and then immediately start recovery with ice therapy with the 110% Double Life Shin/Calf Sleeve that helps prevent and treat calf strains, shin splints, and leg cramps so you can go 110%. Items Included: Reusable thermally insulated bag for keeping ice sheets cold. Ice Sheets (4) Double-Life Calf/Shin Sleeve (2) Fusing the power of compression with the elemental power of ice, 110% gear maximizes performance and speeds recovery. Their unique pocket architecture lets you put flexible, portable and reusable ice sheets right inside the garment for active recovery. So, now, you get a single compression garment that helps increase performance and speed recovery. It even helps with injury prevention, so you can go 110%. BEFORE: Wearing compression before training or competition has been shown to increase blood flow and prepare the muscles for exertion. 110% Compression+ is designed to help your body prepare to go 110%. DURING: Compression gear during training or competition increases muscle stability and reduces vibration, which can reduce muscle fatigue. Zones are specifically woven in to provide targeted support around key areas and muscle groups. Gradient compression means you get compression technology exactly where you need it most (more compression further from the heart, less compression closer). In addition, our products are moisture wicking and anti-microbial; seamless construction means added comfort. AFTER: Compression gear used after training or performance has been shown to maintain blood circulation and reduce lactic acid buildup. 110% Compression+ is designed with a unique pocket architecture that adds cold therapy to the equation instantly. Just slip the reusable ice sheets in, and begin your recovery immediately simple, mobile, effective. 110% ice sheets are reusable, flexible, and non-toxic. Simply run under water for 30 seconds and place in the freezer. When you’re ready for cold treatment, slip the sheets into the gear’s specially designed pockets. It all comes in a reusable thermal bag that will keep your ice sheets cold for up to 6 hours, so you can take your ice with you easily and get recovery underway instantly. The sheets can also be microwaved, if heat therapy is called for. A tubular seamless construction delivers an ergonomic fit and serious support exactly where you need it. Designed with pockets that allow you to easily slip in thermal ice sheets that perform as ice therapy for faster recovery. Made of 70% polypropylene which retains 300% less water than nylon garments to keep you cool and dry while you’re pushing your edge. 110% compression gear is made from individually silver-treated fibers to help destroy 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria. Anatomically designed to create zoned and gradient compression: Highest furthest from the heart and lowest where it’s closer, to provide targeted biomechanical support. 110% compression gear provides 15-