110% Ice Sheet Pack: 110% Sports Medicine


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Product Description

The 110% Ice Sheet Pack is a reusable, non-toxic ice pack that fits all 110% Compression+ Gear. After being soaked in water and frozen, the ice sheet will stay frozen up to 1 hour and will stay cold for up to 6 hours in an insulated 110% thermal bag. Simply soak the sheet with warm water until the cells expand to approx. 3/4 inch. (To ensure product durability, keep cells under 1″.) Thoroughly dry them off and place in freezer with the cloth side up. The ice sheet will stay frozen up to 1 hour, will stay cold for 2 hours at room temperature and will remain cold for up to 6 hours in the 110% thermal bag (not included). Ice sheets should be inserted with the black side facing you. If the cells shrink and appear flat over time, simply rehydrate as per the instructions above. Medical professionals recommend icing for 20 minutes following activity. For ultimate fit and optimization in your 110% compression+ Gear, feel free to cut the ice sheets. 110% Ice Sheets can be heated also. Microwave the sheets for approx. 15 seconds and they become heat therapy. To ensure safety, always remove them with a paper towel and never put them in direct contact with skin after heating.