Amino Acids & Botanical’s Amino Horse Power 2oz

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Amino Acids & Botanical’s Amino Horse Power 2oz Description: Amino Acid & Botanical Horsepower #3 For MenAmino Acid & Botanical Horsepower #3 For Men is a very strong aphrodisiac formula of Muira Puama-{Ptychopetalum Olacoides} Root & Stem, Catuaba- {Erythroxylon Catuaba} bark, & Sarsaparilla-{Smilax officinalis} root. Maura Puama is a libido enhancing herb from the Caboclos Indians of the Amazon rain forest of Brazil. Maura Puama has been shown in 2 clinical studies to inhibit the Binding of Testosterone to a protein in the Bloodstream. That protein is SHBG – {Sex Hormone Binding Globulin}. Once bound to SHBG, Testosterone is no longer active. The job of SHBG-Sex Hormone Binding Globulin is to bind to the Testosterone & transport it to the kidneys for excretion. Since once Testosterone is bound to this protein it is no longer active, by inhibiting its binding, Horsepower in most cases will make Testosterone levels rise. Thus making more Testosterone available for stimulating protein synthesis and deposition, which is to say – muscle growth, maintaining tissue, & reproductive activity.How well Horsepower will work will depend on:1. The age of the man (or woman) using it. It is necessary to consider the age of the man using Muira Puama because as Dr. Ronald Hoffman states in the article on Testosterone attached below, “Testosterone production declines with every decade of life.” Therefore; since the way Horsepower increases Testosterone is not by stimulating the production of more Testosterone, but by preventing Testosterone’s breakdown, the older the subject, the less testosterone they make, the less Testosterone they have to rescue from breakdown and excretion. And yes there is a clinical study cited below showing efficacy in women. 2. Also whether the man is engaging in any type of work out or physical training. It is well known that exercise stimulates Testosterone production. Therefore an older man who is physically active will get a better response from Horsepower since he will have more testosterone to prevent the breakdown & excretion of. This is the strongest extract of Muira Puama that you can find. In approx. 3 to 5 days providing that you are not inhibiting Testosterone with one of the many medicines which inhibit Testosterone, Testosterone levels should start to rise. {You may call for a list of materials, which inhibit Testosterone}. Supplement Facts: Serving Size 20 drops Servings per container 64 Muira puama a.k.a. “potency wood” {Ptychopetalum o.} stem & bark Catuaba {Erythroxlon c.} bark Sarsaparilla {Simlax off.} root Other Ingredients: Distilled Water 60%, Grain neutral spirits 40% Directions: Take 20-30 drops of Horsepower #3 directly under tongue before breakfast & after dinner-do not mix with water or juice. Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Suitable Vegeterians. Do not use if seal is broken. No specific claims are made. This product sold only as a dietary supplement.