Anti Ticket Donut – Policeman Gag Gift – Chocolate or Sprinkles


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Product Description

Lead foot? Late for Work? Does that Police Officer Know You By First Name? Then You Need is The Anti-Ticket Donut! Keep this device in the glove box near the registration for your car. If you are stopped by the police use such phrases as: �I can�t find my car�s registration, I only have this tasty donut�. Or say, �Instead of my driver� license, wouldn�t you like to have this delicious donut?� The donut works best by itself, but it can be combined with other methods such as crying, whining, and begging. Think of it as a polite way of saying: “Can we settle this here? The Anti-Ticket Donut is a donut (fake) placed inside a platinum colored can with windowed lid. It is a novelty that a person would use to give to a police officer to get out of a ticket. Attached to the can is a label with the badge logo and a set of humorous directions about how to use the donut. Each Anti-Ticket Donut is hand assembled and looks like a real donut is inside. This device is a great conversation piece and is sure to get lots of laughs! For goodness sake, don’t try to use one of these on a real police officer, we’re not responsible if you get arrested!