Bacon Tuxedo Prank Gift Box


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Product Description

The Bacon Tuxedo Sucker Gift Box is the perfect prank for any occasion! Just put your real gift in the box, then sit back and watch as your victim feigns enthusiasm and offers an awkward “thank you” while looking at possibly the tackiest gift in history before finding their real gift inside. The Bacon Tuxedo Gift Box is the perfect setup for tons of punch lines like “I figured you just love bacon,” “It’s perfect for weddings!” or the best “If it doesn’t fit, you can go ahead and eat it.” The Bacon Tuxedo Sucker Gift Box is ridiculous yet convincing from front to back with it’s insistence of being part of Stan’s Formalwear collection & three boys wearing matching suits on the back. This hysterical gift box measures 9″ x 13″ x 3″ is the perfect finishing touch for every gift! Folded flat and shrink wrapped with illustrated insert. Never judge a gift by its box!