Barking Dog Pencil Sharpeners


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Product Description

Sharp Ends are easily the weirdest pencil sharpeners to have ever been created. If you pencil tip is in need of a freshening up, just stick it into the back end of your Sharp-End Puppy Dog Pencil Sharpener. Now, that is strange but the weirdest part is that the Sharp End Dog starts barking as you twist your pencil to sharpen it. The included litter tray catches the pencil shavings that the Barking Dog Pencil Sharpener produces. The Sharp End Puppy Pencil Sharpener is indeed a unique desk accessory for a cat lover or maybe even a cat hater! Measures 5 in. from nose to behind and 6 in. from tail to feet. Please Note: No puppies were harmed in the making of this product. Do not try to sharpen your pencil with a real dog, it will probably bite you.