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Never lose YOUR beer again!! Remember at your last party asking 5 times, “Are you drinking my beer?” Let us be the first to say, “Problem solved.” With these new handy, dandy Bombed Beer Bands, your drink will be perfectly marked every time. Even in a overcrowded table of excellent alcoholic beverages you’ll be able to pick your Bud, Coors, Miller or whatever you’re preferred beer. Each rubber band has a separate color and to add to the fun a unique way of saying you are completely and undeniably DRUNK. Each Bombed Beer Bands Drink Marker Set includes: Hammered, Tanked, Wrecked, Ripped, Wasted, Blitzed and more. Each Beer Band is colored in a unique color If you can’t tell the difference between the colors, there’s not much help we can give you. But at that point, you’re probably too trashed to care what you’re even drinking or who’s beer your washing down. Only $6.95!!