Designer Whey Biggest Loser Protein Powder Chocolate Deluxe by Designer Whey – 10oz.

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Designer Why protein is scientifically formulated with protein and fiber to help promote a feeling of fullness. Eat a cookie, and hurry a half -hour later. Drink Designer Whey The Biggest Loser Protein in All Natural Chocolate Deluxe, and your hunger is kept at bay with high-quality whey protein and satiating fiber for only 50 calories. B vitamins help keep your energy levels up and protein to help you recover quickly after exercise to increase your results, and 120% of your vitamin C needs supports your glowing health. Quality Product for a Healthy Lifestyle. 50 Calories, 6 g Protein, 6 g Fiber and 1 g Fat. All Natural Designer Whey Protein Supplement. Naturally Flavored.