Extreme Weight Gain Powder by ABB Performance

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American Body Building Chocolate Extreme XXL Weight Gain Powder provides 1060 calories per serving, with 40 g of protein and 214 g of stacked carbs. Bigger muscles are made with heavy training and extra calories. Plan out your lifting and depend on ABB to take nutrition over the top. Extreme XXL delivers 1060 calories of mass building potential from proteins and carbs. Mix with low-fat milk for even more quality mass building calories. A cascade of vitamins and minerals provides necessary nutrients. Its your spotting partner for achieving greatness. ABB Performance Extreme XXL Provides Quality Calories Lean Muscle Support Glycogen Replenishment Micronutrient Blend 1060 Calories / Serving 40 g of Blended Proteins 214 g of Stacked Carbs Vitamins & Minerals