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It�s an ear-splitting, gut-crunching, armor-crashing, booby-trapped fight to the death and the fastest-growing sport on television�the world of hard-driving robot combat. Millions watch as these metallic maulers, handmade with a vengeance by technical wizards, slash, buzz, and hammer each other into a crowd-pleasing pulp in awesome displays of motorized muscle. This is the only A-Z guide to the fascinating world of mechanical warriors�from the best Bots in the business to the inventors who created them. Whether you want to build and fight your own robot, learn more about the sport, or get a close-up, behind-the-scenes look at every bit of the action, this comprehensive book delivers it all�the guts, the gears, and the pulverizing glory! Welcome To Their World The dangers of the BattleBox The thrills of on- and off-screen competition The great robotic challenges A-Z listing of the most notorious Bots in the business The best Bots in the movies Plus! Creative tips for new builders How to play by the robot rules and survive A glossary of robotic combat lingo Getting the most bang-up for your buck So What Are You Waiting For? Switch On, Stand Back, And Slay The Competition!!!