Maitake D-Fraction Pro by Mushroom Wisdom – 1oz.


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Product Description

A professional strength tincture that contains the active proteoglucan D-fraction from Maitake mushrooms. “Pro” products are the most concentrated within our D-Fraction line. The Maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa) is prized in Asia for its significant health benefits. Maitake contains a unique, protein-bound Beta-1,3 glucan and Beta 1, 6 glucans that scientists call “D-fraction.” Research at leading university medical centers demonstrates that D-fraction is a powerful immune booster that may increase the number and activity of immune cells and improve the overall functioning of the immune system. Maitake D-Fraction Pro has been the subject of many clinical and non-clinical studies in the US, Japan and other countries. Our studies and marketing history show that it is safe and well tolerated. Maitake D-Fraction Pro 1 oz. bottle contains 3,000 mg of PD-Fraction, which is standardized to contain more than 900 mg (30%) of the active proteoglucan.