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Seventh on the list is LEE HANEY’S NUTRITIONAL MEAL SUPPORT. Meal Support was design to give the body a perfect blend of nutrients for overall health and maintenance. While at the same time tasting great and digesting easy. Protein: The combination of Whey, Egg white, and Soy gives the body an excellent source of muscle and cell building nutrition. Sweet Potatoes: High in beta-carotene, an excellent source of fiber, and natural fructose for energy. Sweet Potatoes and some time known as yams, is one of the most popular folk foods in the world. Not only do they taste great. They also supply the body with an excellent source of energy sustaining carbohydrates. Green Tea: Considered one of the best herbs available in the enhancement of overall health. Recent studies has now revealed that Green Tea contain antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. It is also used for weight loss and curving the appetite. Green Tea is known world wide for its medicinal properties. Lee Haney’s Nutritional Meal Support is a great way to add extra nutrition to your daily meal schedule. LHN Meal Support may be used in conjunction with a mixed salad of fruits, green leafy salad, and mixed veggies. LHN Meal Support can be used to support your daily meal schedule 1 to 2 times a day. Lee Haney’s Nutritional Meal Support may be used as a food supplement in your daily nutrition having 29grams of protein, 15grams of carbs, and 2 grams of fat, with calories totaling 195 per serving. Taste great with water and mixes without a blender. Whether the goal is to redistribute weight or add quality muscle, Lee Haney’s Nutritional Support Meal can help.