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Muscle Meals represents a true breakthrough in nutritional science in a high-quality meal replacement for serious bodybuilders. While Muscle Meals offers the highest nutritional combination for replacing a meal, it also possesses a unique combination of anabolic/anti-catabolic ingredients responsible for tissue repair, muscle recovery, growth and fat loss. Micellar Casein, Whey and Egg vs. Just Whey New research proves conclusively that the combination of the anti-catabolic, long-term affects of micellar casein protein and the short-term, anabolic effects of whey protein is much more effective for muscle growth and repair than whey alone. It’s a well-known fact that muscle mass is influenced by the rate of anabolism which increases muscle and the rate of catabolism which reduces it, a continual process in the human body. Whey protein is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, causing an anabolic effect. Yet, the effects of whey are short-lived as the blood amino acid levels of whey only last for a short period of time. Micellar casein enters the bloodstream at a much slower rate while its effect on blood levels of amino acids lasts for hours, unleashing its anti-catabolic action. Since it’s absolutely critical to ingest the proper combination of fast- and slow-absorbing protein to insure a consistent blood amino acid level to maximize anabolism and minimize catabolism, the availability of this special formulation makes Muscle-Link’s Muscle Meals an obvious choice. And, it’s absolutely delicious!