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Fuel for optimum performance. PowerBar� is America’s original energy bar fueling more world class athletes to records and championships than any other energy bar. Carbs for energyStaying energized is essential to athletic performance. Carbohydrates have long been known as the body?s most efficient source of fuel. In fact, athletes require 60%-70% of calories from carbohydrates to get the energy required for consistent training and competition. Unfortunately, the body?s capacity to store this all-important fuel is relatively small. That?s why PowerBar contains 45g of carbohydrates to refuel working muscle and keep you going. Vitamins for energy productionDid you know that in order to process food into usable energy, your body needs B-vitamins? B-vitamins are vital to energy production. And since B-vitamins work best as a team, PowerBar combined 100% DV of all the energy related B-vitamins.