Zestosterone Formula by Purity Products – 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Helps Maintain Healthy Testosterone Levels Supports Prostate Health Supports Strength and Libido Testosterone?It?s What Makes a Man a Man Testosterone is the male hormone you can?t ignore if you want to stay the man you know you can be. Men generally have all the testosterone they need?when they?re young. Testosterone?s lauded benefits?a lean and fit body, vigorous libido, abundant energy, a sharp mind and more?might be taken for granted by guys in their 20?s and 30?s. Not so, in the 40?s, 50?s and beyond. Maintaining healthy T-levels already within the normal range is an important goal for many men who want to promote healthy aging.Finally, there?s a science-based natural way to be proactive about testosterone! Purity?s Zestosterone Proprietary Blend contains calcium fructoborate, a unique and patented form of the trace mineral boron naturally found in fruit and vegetables. Boron is believed to play an important role in the metabolism of vitamin D and steroid hormones.By delivering boron as patented calcium fructoborate, Zestosterone takes advantage of the latest breakthroughs in the science. Unlike other testosterone formulas, only Zestosterone includes the patented form of boron to boost T levels in the short term support while also supplying a clinically tested dose of Vitamin D to promote healthy T levels over the long term. We call that the Zestosterone Advantage. 10 Strategies for Optimum Testosterone If you?re a man, keeping your testosterone level up is probably one of your health goals. After all, testosterone–primary male hormone?is often said to be ?what makes a man a man.? Short of using testosterone replacement therapy, which of course should only be attempted under the guidance of a physician, are there things men can do to maintain healthy testosterone levels? While there?s no magic bullet, a number of health strategies?nutritional and lifestyle approaches?show promise. Here are 10 to think about:1. Eat a balanced, nutritious diet 2. Keep stress under control 3. Maintain your ideal body mass 4. Exercise 5. Kegel exercises – not just for the ladies! 6. Rest and sleep 7. Vitamins 8. Minerals 9. Herbs and nutraceuticals 10. Intimacy and sex