Champion Sports STD50 Delutxe Dry Line Marker Blue

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Keep your field lines looking professional and sharp with the Champion Sports 50lb Capacity Deluxe Line Marker. This marker features a unique feed system that continuously churns for smooth steady lines allowing the operator to keep moving without mixing line-marking material by hand. It’s never been quicker or easier to create boundaries on your playing field! With a ½ steel axis and an easy open lid this marker creates 2 or 4 lines and has a third wheel for greater maneuvering and stability.
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FeaturesUnique feed system
Churns material for a steady flow for smooth lines
Allows operator to keep moving instead of mixing the material by hand
1/2 steel axle
50 lbs capacity 2 or 4 line with easy open lid
Third wheel for greater maneuvering and stability
SpecificationsColor: Blue
Weight: 39 lbs