Azure Green BENEHEA Energy Healing with the Kabbalah by Devi Stern

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Heal Yourself Heal the World Combining the mysticism of Kabbalah with energy medicine and physical movement this hands-on guide presents many unique and user-friendly practices. Energy Healing with the Kabbalah helps you to achieve personal growth as you explore universal ideas of oneness healing and holding opposites in balance. Discover new meaning in the unpronounceable holy name of God. Explore the special relationship between the in-dwelling God-presence called the Shechina (the divine feminine) and the transcendent Kadosh Baruch Hu (the divine masculine). Elevate modern and traditional energy techniques with kabbalistic symbolism and practice exercises for grounding creating boundaries connecting to the cosmos sacred sex and more. This illuminating book shows how to heal yourself your relationships and even the world.
FeaturesEnergy Healing with the Kabbalah by Devi Stern
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