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This DVD contains three full-length workouts: STARTING OUT – This three part routine begins with a Warm Up that includes energizing breathing and stretching exercises to gradually prepare you for the Body Toning segment where you will tone and firm all the muscles in your body and learn the proper alignment and techniques to make the most out of your workout. The Aerobic routine is designed to get you moving with a series of low-impact moves and youll learn to monitor your pulse for pacing and maximizing results. (60 minutes); INSTANT WORKOUT – These three 20 minute workouts boost your metabolism further helping you shed excess fat layers around your belly butt arms and thighs. Take your workout to the next level and then wind down with Kathys stretch routine – ideal after a long stressful day. This workout is great when youre short on time! (68 minutes); MARCH TO FITNESS – The benefits of walking are timeless and this 30-minute low-impact fat burning aerobic workout is accompanied by a fun high-energy soundtrack from 60s dance to 90s hip hop. Easy-to-follow walking and marching moves offer a full range of intensity no matter what your fitness level is… youll have a blast and lose weight too! (33 minutes). Total Running Time: 161 min.
Kathy Smiths Timeless Collection: Welcome to my Timeless Collection! I hope youll enjoy these DVDs containing my favorite and most memorable workouts from the past. What was great then is still great today and I think youll agree that a great workout is indeed TIMELESS! If youre new to exercise or if its time to break some old habits and start anew my Shed the Pounds DVD collection will help you reach your goals fast. I know that starting out can be overwhelming so Ive taken the guesswork out of what to do with these easy-to-follow weight loss winners. Part fat-burning part toning