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Welcome to my Timeless Collection! I hope youll enjoy these DVDs containing my favorite and most memorable workouts from the past. What was great then is still great today and I think youll agree that a great workout is indeed TIMELESS! You asked… and we delivered! Back by popular demand are three of my most popular Fat Burning Classics that have helped millions lose weight and keep it off through the years. Sure high-cut leotards and leg warmers may be a thing of the past but these routines are as powerful as ever! Over the years my recipe for living lean has remained the same: calorie-blasting cardio combined with total body toning to increase lean muscle mass and rejuvenating stretch routines for long flexible muscles. Its my slim-sequencing thats helped millions experience great weight loss! The results are timeless and the moves and music are pure fun! Get your body back now! – Kathy Smith
Three complete workouts – four hours of retro exercise fun! BODY BASICS – This fan-favorite workout lays the foundation with low-impact cardio moves that will give you results without putting stress on your bones and joints. Simple muscle toning exercises – targeting your abs legs and butt — help you increase lean muscle mass for maximum calorie burning throughout the day!
WINNING WORKOUT – The title says it all! This 12-week weight loss program is your introduction to the world of body sculpting. Week by week youll progress with this program to accelerate your metabolism increase bone density and improve your posture!
FAT BURNING WORKOUT – Get in the fat-burning zone with three energizing routines based on Kathys long-slow fat burning principle. Maximize your results inch by inch with Kathys Body Shaping segments and really zoom in and sculpt all the major muscle groups. Its upbeat energizing and effective. Get ready to peel away the po