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Bloodstained Stars Burning Wheel. Your courtiers will flatter you my lord that you can compel obedience by the power of your noble birth alone. But you must exercise your rule through human beings prone to failure and treachery. It is not enough young prince to inherit your father’s name. You must follow his warlike example if you would preserve your life your honor and your throne. As the foremost amongst your father’s generals until I was slandered by lesser men I can teach you the true and bloody art of how to rule.”Bloodstained Stars contains expanded source material for waging war and combating the Waylen threat in Christopher Moeller’s Iron Empires universe. It is also a setting book for the award winning Burning Empires role playing game (but contains no mechanics). Written by Sydney Freed berg of the National Journal and extensively illustrated by Christopher Moeller including new paintings and nearly 100 new sketches.
Features144 Pages.
Hard cover.
Digest sized.
The cover is cloth-wrapped debossed with a foil.
Stamped wheel.
Item Weight – 0.85 lbs.