Cellucor 6550182 2 lbs ISO PRO Orange Citrus – 24 Servings

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Iso pro orange citrus. Grass-fed native whey. 25G protein per serving. 110 Calories. Grass-fed dairy source. 100% Pronativ whey isolate protein powder. Clinically studied native whey protein. 24 Servings. Grass-fed native whey: pronativ is the cleanest most advanced whey protein isolate (wpi) available. It preserves the super impactful immunoglobulins that are typically lost when producing a highly purified wpi while still almost completely removing unnecessary fats lactose carbohydrates and cholesterol so you get what your muscles crave pure protein. Whey protein is a byproduct of cheese production whereas pronativ whey is extracted directly from milk utilizing a patented technology that harnesses both low temperature micro-and ultrafiltration. Native whey compared to wpi allow for the preservation of bioactive components in whey protein. From a performance perspective pronativ is the most innovative wpi on the market. A clinical study comparing an exercise program accompanied by the consumption of pronativ native whey against traditional wpi resulted in improvements in muscle power recovery time performance and muscle adaptations. Train. Recover. Grow. No rbst. 15% More leucine than traditional wpi. Extracted directly from milk. Grass-fed dairy source. No antibiotics. No added sugars.
FeaturesIso pro with orange citrus
IngredientsPronativ native whey protein isolate citric acid natural and artificial flavors malic acid silicon dioxide sodium chloride guar gum sunflower lecithin sucralose acesulfame potassium silicon (anti-foaming agent)
DirectionsAdd 1 rounded scoop of iso pro grass-fed native whey with 16-20 fl. Oz. Of cold water and