Core X System CXS0001 Basic Package

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The Core X System works by increasing overall trunk muscle recruitment and preferentially biases transversus abdominis. It was designed and engineered by the world famous Physical Therapist Alex McKechnie former athletic coordinator for the Los Angeles Lakers and now the Director of Sports Science for the Toronto Raptors. It increases proprioceptive stimulus and assists in establishing the Core Neutral Posture. The Core X System facilitates core contraction through correct functional Posture and Movements. It is a unique way of integrating core stability to correct movement dysfunction of the upper and lower extremity. The Core X System assists in establishing and optimizing a sequential proximal to distal muscle firing pattern. The Core X System is a complete Core Fitness and Exercise Program. What does all that mean? It means you get fast overall toning and strengthening results! It promotes correct posture during exercise and the daily activities of everyone’s life.
FeaturesThe Core X System works by increasing overall trunk muscle recruitment.
Increases proprioceptive stimulus and assists in establishing the core neutral posture.
Same workout system used by professional athletes like Steve Nash Pau Gasol Grant Hill and Michelle Kwan.
Portable system can be used anywhere. Used by Professional Athletes in all sports around the world!
Core X Trainer: Core X System Integrator with arm and leg attachments.
Core X System Lower Body Intensifier.
Core X System Diet and Nutritional Plan.
Core X System Quick Start Guide.
Alex McKechnie’s 4×4 Xpress High Intensity Workout DVD.
Core X System Workout DVD instructed by fitness expert Lisa Austin.
Core X System travel bag.
Dimension – 10 x 8 x 3 in.
Item weight – 0.5 lbs.