EKHO HRM-15-00001 E-15 Heart Rate Monitor

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The EKHO-15 heart rate monitor makes listening to your heart easy and affordable allowing you to focus on your workouts without worrying about complicated multi-functions. Comes with EKHO TE-12 Transmitter.
Continuous heart rate
Average heart rate
Maximum heart rate
Target Zone
Out of zone visual alarm for high/low target zone
Audible alarm OFF mode
Calories Burned
Stopwatch/Exercise time
Water Resistant
Large display
ECG Accurate
User changeable batteries
Interfaces with heart rate interactive exercise equipment
NASPE Standards 3 Grades 9-12: Monitor physical activity through the use of a pedometer heart-rate monitor and/or physical activity log.
NASPE Standards 3 Grades 6-8: Maintains a physical activity log for a seven-day period documents progress toward achievement of personal goals
NASPE Standards 4 Grades 3-5: Maintains heart rate within the target heart rate zone for a specified length of time during an aerobic activity.
NASPE Standards 4 Grades 6-8: Self-assess heart rate before during and after vigorous physical activity or sport.
NASPE Standards 4 Grades 9-12: Assesses physical fitness status in terms of cardio respiratory endurance muscular strength and endurance flexibility and body composition
NASPE Standards 4 Grades 9-12: Demonstrates ability to monitor and adjust a personal fitness program to meet needs and goals.
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