Le Sharma LSTS-05 8 in. Eco-Tug Green & Red

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These toys are sure to fulfill the need of a soft long lasting chemical and plastic free product. The toys are durable and made from natural chemical free human grade vegetable dyes which are AZO free and non-carcinogen. These toys are completely safe for your pooch and pets.
These Toys are very good for your dog’s teeth and health as they exercise their jaws and practice safe play; as they are eco-smart they contain no chemicals and are made from renewable resources.
These toys are one of the most durable and eco-friendly pet toys around. Whether you have a cat or a small dog like a Yorkie Chihuahua Maltese Poodle or Shih Tzu these adorable handmade Felt pet toys are perfect for playing for your beloved pets around. These durable brightly colored toys comes in different colors which are AZO free non-carcinogen and completely safe for your pet. They are eco-smart as they are made from renewable resources and use an eco-friendly manufacturing process.
FeaturesAll Natural Wool
Cleans Teeth while Playing
Exercises Jaws
Contains Human-Safe AZO Free Dyes
Felted Dog toys are machine washable
Several attractive designs
Stylish Hand Made Design
Hand Wash in Cold Water
Durable Pet Toys
Suitable for small breed dogs
Suitable for young pets
Organic and Eco-Friendly
Dog and Puppy Play Toy
8 Shaped
Guaranteed Analysis:Hand made design
Attractive Colors
100% Chemical Free
Easy Care Instructions:Please remove pet hair with a vacuum cleaner upholstery attachment or a wet cloth
Spot dirt can be removed by using a cloth with soap and water or diluted vinegar
Please remove the solids by so