Online Gym Shops CB1559 GoFit Ultimate 15 Inch Adjustable Round Wood Balance Board

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Challenge yourself and build strength in your core muscles while youincrease your balance and develop stability with the GoFit Core WobbleBoard. This is an excellent way to add a new level of difficulty to anyworkout including yoga or pilates. The Core Wobble Board includes aCore Performance instructional DVD led by Mark Verstegen a worldwidetrainer of pro athletes and creator of the Core Performance® System.Join Mark as he empowers you with his scientifically-proven exercisesto increase your balance strength and functionality helping you feelbetter have more energy and reduce pain for an active lifestyle. Made of premium laminated hardwood the highly-portable Wobble Boardhas a durable slip-resistant surface that’s easy-to-clean. Thehigh-impact polyurethane base is fully adjustable up to 4 inches.Increase the level of difficulty as your ability improves. The higherthe board the greater the difficulty in balance and stability.
FeaturesBuild core strength and balance with wobble board
Made from premium laminated hardwood
Durable slip-resistant surface
Base is adjustable