Prevue Pet Products SP2030B Prevue Hendryx Three Story Hamster & Gerbil Cage- Light Blue

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A spacious home for your hamster or gerbil! The included ladders platforms and house provide play and sleep areas while satisfying your pets natural instincts to be above ground level. Also included is an exercise wheel to keep your pet entertained while maintaining necessary activity levels. Owner friendly features include a top opening door removable grille and pull-out tray. Three Story cage designed for
Hamsters & Gerbils
Includes an exercise wheel two platforms two ladders and a house
Roof-top door for easy access
Removable grille & pull-out tray
14 1/2 L x 11 1/4 W x 22 H
5/16 wire spacing
Shipping dimensions
24 L x 19 W x 7 H
Weighs 5 lbs.