StrongerRX ULsTr3StpRD Heavy Lifting Straps – Red Default Title

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These straps bring a unique combination to allow the athlete superior comfort with added power in heavy lifting. Designed with real leather they’ll offer amazing traction while on a bar. The multilayer design gives it extended durability to prevent tears while giving you the power needed to perform your lift. This lifting straps provide special cushions along the wrist area to give you added comfort during heavy loads and prevent any skin abrasions and or rips. his is a serious training tool for hard-core athletes. Nevertheless whether you’re an amateur or a professional this is definitely an item needed when performing Olympic lifts deadlifts shrugs or any other movement heavy enough that can compromise hand grip.
FeaturesSpecial padding to protect the wrist area
Real leather construction
Superior grip and power to your lifts
Multilayer designed to extend durability
Preferred by many athletes over traditional lifting straps
SpecificationsColor: Red