Upper Bounce SK-HX50 50 in. Hexagonal Fitness Mini-Trampoline T-Shaped Adjustable Hand Rail & Bungee Cord Suspension

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The 50 in. hexagonal mini-trampoline is the top piece of equipment for fun and fitness. You can watch TV listen to your favourite recording or chat on the phone while exercising enabling you to burn calories and have fun at the same time! The small and sturdy rugged steel structure makes it compatible for indoor or outdoor use and the extra 600D oxford cover for purchase in a variety of colors allows it to brighten any setting. The hexagonal shape increases stability and allows for maximum jumping space on the high quality polypropylene mat. The trampoline features an adjustable t-shaped bar for extra support as well as rubber tipped legs to protect your floors and maintain traction. With a uniquely designed bungee system this trampoline provides a deeper and gentler bounce for zero impact exercising. Bungee trampolines tend to be quieter sturdier and more reliable than spring trampolines making upkeep and maintenance a breeze; this is a purchase you will enjoy for many years. Safe for a broad range of ages and abilities rebounders are fun and easy to use use for jogging bouncing or dancing and you will reap the benefits! Rebounding improves circulation increases the capacity of your heart and lungs and builds strength and stamina boosting all round fitness. In just one hour burn up to 1200 calories! All Upper Bounce trampolines are built with safety as the very first consideration. The trampoline comes with clear and detailed instructions and includes all necessary tools and hardware to ensure smooth assembly. Get this Upper Bounce 50” hexagonal rebounder trampoline and you’re in for a great bouncing exercise experience. You will be bouncing on the very day you receive your brand new Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline. . . Get the Upper Bounce!
FeaturesUnique bungee system