Valor Fitness OB-Hex Super Hex Trap Bar

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Build massive Quads Hams and Traps in. with Valor Fitness’s one-of-a-kind Olympic Hex bar. This uniquely designed deadlift bar keeps the weight centered through your body’s midline reducing unnecessary strain on your spinal flexors and the damage to shins normally associated with deadlifts. The OB-HEX allows you to safely lift heavier loads. The elevated plate carriage system lets you add weight without having to lift the OB-HEX and rubber stoppers prevent damage to your floor. Our custom designed rotating handle system allows you to choose from small medium or large grips and makes it easy to find the perfect fit. Use the largest grip to build hand strength and bulk up small forearms. This is the only deadlift bar you’ll ever need. Great for beginners and pros alike. Load it up with Valor Fitness Olympic bumper plates for an incredible workout. Great for deadlifts and shrugs.
FeaturesRotating grip system provides 3 different handle sizes.
Rugged construction.
Elevated plate system for ease of racking and un-racking
Accepts Olympic plates
Rubber stoppers protect flooring
Multi Grip thickness
Easy plate racking/unracking