Valor Fitness PY-1 Pulley Cable Station

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The Valor Fitness PY-1 Pulley Cable Station is the space solution you have been looking for. It is small enough to fit in a gym bag but rugged enough to endure the most challenging cable workouts. Where available space machine size and cost deter many fitness enthusiasts from obtaining the benefits of a cable station this system can connect to power racks pull-up bars beams or other secure cross members. Constructed from heavy duty cable 75” in length and capable of holding 300lbs “Strap on your plates and connect your favorite pulley attachment to go to work!”
FeaturesRubber sheathed cable for protection and smooth operation
Gourd buckle attachment allows for a variety of exercise cable attachments
Versatile for setting up on different structures
Includes Triceps/Ab strap attachment
Load Capacity 300 pounds
SpecificationsColor: Black
Material: Steel
Warranty: 1 year
Assembly Required: No
Assembly Tools Included: No
Assembly Instructions Included: No
Assembled Dimension: 2 H x 4 W x 80 L
Weight: 2 lbs