Wai Lana Productions 1002 Cozy Cotton Yoga Blanket – Tan

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Wai Lana is the most popular yoga teacher in the world today. Look at one of her shows and you will quickly understand why. Entertaining informative lively and yet serene – its hard for viewers not to get hooked on Wai Lana Yoga. Beautifully produced the shows are shot on location from the world-famous coastlines of Hawaii and California to the spectacular red rock deserts of Sedona. The shows feature beautiful relaxing soundtracks of original music by Wai Lana. Wai Lana Yoga has captured a loyal public television audience around the country.
Yoga blanket.
Color: Tan.
Material: 100% cotton.
Chemical-free and non-toxic.
Warm and durable.
versatile yoga prop.
Dimensions: 15 H x 13.5 W x 2 D.