Rave Sports 02371 Tirade II Ski Tube

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RAVE didnt jump on the bandwagon; we created it. If you like playing on the water youll love playing on RAVE Sports water equipment. RAVE is all about providing serious fun for the whole family. Our products let you bounce spin slide soar or just meander across the water. They let kids be kids. Better yet they let adults be kids. RAVE products are designed to delight the young or not-so-young one or many. Focused on group entertainment RAVE creates ways to keep your family and friends close by. For us theres satisfaction in the hard work it takes to produce unique products that result in such incredible family fun. We dont just work hard at RAVE Sports though; we play hard. Were from Minnesota after all land of 10000 lakes. Thats 10000 places to enjoy the RAVE experience. And what we love about playing on RAVE Sports water equipment is that they bring out friends and family together for hours of fun. We can relax if we want but more often we keep fit and have fun by playing around on our products. Jump in and hang on! The new redesigned RAVE Sports Tirade II is a completely covered two-seater sports car inspired exhilarating tube ride. The Tirade II features two deep 42 long oversized cockpits for a low center of gravity and stability neoprene covered headrests and inflatable floors for rider comfort. The exclusive RAVE Tail throws water high into the air for added excitement!