Amphipod Versa-Light Plus: Amphipod Reflective, Night Safety


SKU: 938202075375360


Light your path with the new amphipod Versa-Light Plus LED clip light. This ultra-lightweight and intensely bright clip-on light is a perfect accessory for running in low-light conditions where you need to be seen and safe. Thanks to its compact design, this clip light is perfect for long runs and travel. Clip the light onto clothing, backpacks, belts or pockets to ensure youre seen in the darkness. Featured in a convenient, clip style. Includes a rechargeable USB design eliminates disposable batteries, and easily charges on any computer with USB port; includes mini-USB charging cable. Up to 5 hrs. use per charge (varies due to modes used); simply plug into USB for 3 – 4 hr. charge between uses. Contains a large silicone push button for easy on/off activation and control. Multiuse 4-mode design includes: Solid beam high-power white, solid beam high-power red, white strobe and red strobe Uses 3 super bright LEDs (white and red); offering powerful 60-lumen solid beam intensity and attention-getting strobe modes.